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planetroll - Anlagebau, Antriebstechnik und Rührtechnik

Whistleblowing System

"SpeakUp" - trustworthy and secure

planetroll® has always stood for reliability and responsibility. Association with transgressions of any kind, intended or not, can lead to a severe reputational and economic loss. It is therefore important that we find out about possible compliance violations, in order to counteract them at an early stage. Our "SpeakUp" whistleblowing system is a protected, secure and independent reporting channel for our employees. With a clearly defined structure for the reporting and escalation process that is accessible to everyone, "SpeakUp" creates additional trust and security to point out deficiencies and thus to secure the sustainable success of planetroll® and to avert a damage to the company. Here you will find data protection information for whistleblowers and parties involved. Public channels are also available. In principle, the legislator prioritize an internal message in Germany.

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Documents for SpeakUp

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planetroll - Anlagebau, Antriebstechnik und Rührtechnik

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