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planetroll - Anlagebau, Antriebstechnik und Rührtechnik

Agitating elements by planetroll® – for a maximum diversity and flexibility

We offer you the most suitable stirring or agitating element for your task from liquid to high-viscosity mediums.

Our variety of stirring or agitating elements ranges from propeller over blade up to hollow-shaft agitating element, also available in tiltable design for container and drum applications.

The advantages:
  • Short mixing times
  • No air induction
  • No foaming
  • No heating
  • Energy saving due to low speeds
  • Gentle product stirring or agitating
  • Universally usable for almost all tasks
  • Lightweight construction
  • The single-stage ground-level design without additional components inside the container is generally sufficient
  • Pass-through operation possible
Product information:
The ATEX laboratory stand stirrer SRW 100 is developed specifically for laboratories and pilot plant stations. The fields of application extend from …