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plaromaster® MR: The leading variable-speed gearbox – not only regarding explosion protection

The plaromaster® MR are the world’s leading variable-speed gearboxes in the explosion-proof area according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. They use the principle of elasto-hydrodynamic power transmission and are infinitely adjustable from and to zero speed, even with the highest starting or breakaway torques. They can be operated manually by means of a hand wheel. Due to the characteristics of the system, they cannot slip through – complex and costly ATEX external monitoring is not necessary.

The decisive advantages

  • Highest output torque from zero speed
  • Variable-speed gearbox cannot slip through
  • The ATEX variable-speed drive most interesting in price for explosion-proof zones 1 and 21, as combination with motor “explosion-proof” is sufficient – motor with flameproof enclosure not necessary
  • Expensive and complex external ATEX control for zones 1 and 21 not necessary
  • Design conform to GMP, FDA and USDA-H1 standards
  • Can also be supplied as silicone-free drive unit
  • Applicable for low temperatures (special execution)
The outstanding technology
  • Torque-proportional power transmission results in high service life and reliability. No friction at all inside gearbox, torque transmission thanks to the “elastohydrodynamic effect”.
The special properties
  • Variable-speed gearbox with speed adjustment to speed zero, i.e. adjustable from output speed n2 = zero as well as down to output speed n2 = zero speed, adjustable at rest, linear setting characteristic, low-noise and low-vibration running of the variable-speed gearboxes
Product overview
  • 7 sizes: MRV, MR1, MR3, MR5, MR7, MR9, MR11
  • Power range: 0.027 up to 11 kW
  • High service life
  • Conform to ATEX for zones 1 and 21 according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Expensive and complex external ATEX control for zones 1 and 21 not necessary
  • Zero speed variable-speed gearbox, i.e. n2= 0 with n1 = motor speed
  • Highest starting and break-away torques can be realized
  • Design conform to GMP, FDA and USDA-H1
  • Silicone-free execution available
  • Applicable for low-temperature ranges
  • Precise speed-setting – exactly reproducible
  • Linear setting characteristic
  • No slippage of variable-speed gearbox transmission parts
  • Mechanical and electrical control elements
  • Low-noise and low-vibration running
  • Speed setting on variable-speed gearbox is possible at rest
  • In- and output shaft are coaxial and have the same direction of rotation
  • Anti-clockwise as well as clockwise running of variable-speed gearbox is possible
  • Internal and external speed limitation can be realized
  • Configured for all mounting positions
  • With reduction gearboxes up to 50,000 Nm output torque
Download Katalog plaromaster® MR
planetroll - Anlagebau, Antriebstechnik und Rührtechnik